Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #23

1. My 2 favorite things were Big Huge Lab & Flickr because of all the cool things people can do with photos, and TeacherTube because I think this will really be helpful for my students who are visual learners.
2. It demonstrates that I CAN be a life long learner. I graduated 2 years ago with MLS, and I miss all the latest and greatest that you learn in college. However, 23 Things helped me feel so much more knowledgeable about what is available now.
3. There are so many take-a-ways with this online course. I hope you keep it on the Internet so that we can continue to access all this informtion in one place. Even though it was very involved, you really made it easy for us to use.
4. Truthfully, I can't think of a way to make it easier. I know that some have said how time-consuming it is, but there is just so much ground to cover. I don't know how you could shorten it. Since we started in June, it is my guess that there are already new "Things" that you could add to this course.
5. I would definitely choose to participate in another course. I think you should have different levels of achievment, with this being Level I. In other words, don't discontinue this one when you decide to submit another course.
6. I am off to do some commenting. And, thanks so much for this learning opportunity and for making it available to people outside of SBISD.

Thing #22

Nings are another tool to use for communicating with others who have something in common. I like the idea of cohorts or classrooms using it to create a social network to create, plan, and finalize ideas and projects. I read the librarian Ning and got some good ideas to use at the beginning of the year with my students. It makes planning a lot easier when you have access to others accomplishments or lessons to be more creative in your own planning. It can be used to set up a social network of a small group or it can be used to be part of a more global group of people who share your same interests.

Thing #21

Podcasts and Photostory are very easy to use, and the kids love to incorporate them into their projects or book reviews. Last year, the 5th grade used podcasts to compare and contrast the North and the South armies during the Civil War. Each student researched a different aspect, including history, important person, confederate/Union soldier, etc. They completed a podcast in the library. They felt like they were putting together a performance. It really was fun for them and me.

They also were able to write book reviews and come into the library to put it in podcast form. Here is the link to my library web site. Go to Eagle Podcast to hear one.

Thing #20

I searched videos on YouTube and TeacherTube. I watch Ted Poe's speech in Congress about the United States standards for light bulbs. It was viewed by over 4 million viewers, and I was curious because my theme for the library this year is "Living Green." I think 5th graders would understand the message, and I think it could also be useful in showing them what it looks like when Congress is in session. Since it is election year, and we will be discussing presidents and U.S. symbols, I watched "Lady Liberty" on TeacherTube, and I plan on using it in October when we will be discussing this event. These are amazing tools to use in the classroom, and I think it will provide more authentic learning opportunities. I will definitely be searching videos this year to enhance my lessons in the library. (I tried several different ways to embed the video, even using ZamZar, and I wasn't successful. So, here is the link until I figure out the problem.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing #19

This exercise was awesome. There really are so many that I want to explore. I looked at Wufoo, Craigs List, and I'm Cooked.

Using Wufoo for surveys is quick and easy. There are many times that this could be handy at school. Wufoo would be a helpful tool for surveying teachers for book requests for collection development or surveying librarians for their opinions on library meetings, speakers, or technology trainings.

Craigs List is a wonderful site to connect shoppers with sellers. I used Craigs List when I was looking for an apartment out of town. Even though it was helpful, I did learn one thing...never rent site unseen. Pictures do not show everything!

Videos for Food! I am always hungry and looking for new recipes. I definitely will add this to my delicious sites. Yum!

Thing #18

This free online tool, Google Docs, is better than using Microsoft Office Tools because of the sharing capabilities. If you are collaborating with someone on a paper or a presentation, it is so much easier to use Google Docs than to write the paper, email it, wait for the other person to edit it and send it back to you. You can both be viewing it and/or working on it at the same time. You really do have a feeling of connectivity when you collaborate in this way. I love this tool.